Beauty Ramapelepele is a self made woman and is current African businesswoman of the year!

She was born to Comfort Ngobese and Mitze Manana on the 8th of May 1958 at the then Baragwanath hospital in Soweto. It was the day of the 10th anniversary of the hospital and as a result no staff were on hand to attend to her. Beauty Ramapelepele was born in the boot of a 1955 Ambassador Station Wagon taxi in the parking lot of the world’s biggest hospital! Her mother was 19 years old.

But unlike her parents Beauty’s life has been a New South African fairy tale. She married one of the first black members of the Master Builders Association of South Africa whose construction contracts include the Ellis Park refurbishment for the 2010 world cup and the e-toll system. Beauty herself is no slouch and her proudly South African fashion and fabrics company, Yebo Fabrics, landed the contract for all of the costumes for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Africa games.

Beauty has wealth and, more importantly, friends in high places. However, being a personal friend of the presidents, as well as on Julius Malema’s speed dial does not detract from her loving and boisterous nature. With a nose for gossip and the inside line on everything from BEE to Zuma-gate, her sharp tongue is the perfect African vocal weapon. A weapon she puts to good use both on stage throughout Africa and on Leading South African radio stations Jacaranda FM, East Coast Radio and 5fm. 



Mamba Republic is a rapid-paced satirical sketch-comedy soon to hit theatres countrywide. Reuniting the talents of Ben Voss (Beauty Ramapelepele) and John van de Ruit (Spud), Mamba Republic takes a savagely funny look at all that is wrong and very wrong in the Rainbow Nation.

With their unique blend of sharp wit, hopeless optimism and clever characterisation, the duo sinks their fangs into the fiascos, farces and foibles of South African life. Whether it is their unique take on fees must fall, state capture, online dating, the economy, sport, technology, racism, an alternative national anthem, or even the most unusual football match in living memory, Mamba Republic will have you rolling in the aisles at the utter absurdity of life at the foot of Africa.

Mamba Republic follows in the footsteps of Green Mamba (2002) and Black Mamba (2005) which together racked up over 800 performances in five years, winning numerous awards and developing a cult following all over Southern Africa.



This show, about the toils of a Kruger Park ranger, is due for launch in 2019. Keep an eye on the press for details. To be launched at the Grahamstown festival in 2019 and brought to Durban's Elizabeth Sneddon theatre in August 2019.

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